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What's your process?

It's very straightforward:

1. After you contact me, we'll talk—at no charge—about the specifics of your project, including your audience, goals and timeline. Then I'll email you my estimate.

2. Once you approve the estimate we’ll get started. Just so you know, for projects over $500, I ask for a 50% deposit.

3. I do whatever research is necessary, including interviews, meetings or background reading. Then it's time to sharpen my quill and start writing!

4. I deliver your copy—as a Word attachment in email—on time and within budget. Please submit payment within 15 days. I offer unlimited rewrites for the first 30 days after I submit my final draft to you to make sure you get exactly the words you want.

How much do you charge?

In most cases I charge a per-project fee, but in some cases a per-hour fee is more suitable. Once I understand the scope of your needs, I'll be able to provide you with a precise estimate.

What's included with your fee?

Writing, of course, but also research and concepting time. In addition, the fee covers projects where I need to find photos or create an HTML document. If you anticipate having to meet, I'll include that time in the estimate as well.

What about deposits and payment terms?

Please submit payment within 15 days of receiving my invoice. For projects over $500, I ask for 50% of the fee in advance. We can discuss payment plans for larger projects. I will consider a lower rate for nonprofit organizations.

Are revisions included?

I include unlimited revisions for the first 30 days after I submit my final draft to you.

What if I significantly change the scope of the project?

If your project goes in a substantially different direction from what we originally discussed, I'll send you a new estimate.

Do I get the rights to the materials you deliver?

Yes, as soon as final payment is received, you own the copyright. I may want to use the material as part of my portfolio, so let me know if you prefer that I don’t show your work.

Do you do graphic design?

Nope—just great copywriting! But I can point you to some excellent graphic designers, if you don't have one already. Either way, I'll coordinate with the designer to make sure that the copy and design work are enhancing each other.

(206) 527-5590 | robert@robertwrites.com